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My Bio

My story? Well, Eton, Oxford and Harvard are just some of the words I can spell. I came up through the school of hard knocks and the university of getting the crap kicked out of me. I was with the french resistance ( for about an hour while they shaved my head and wrote 'collaberator' on my skull) and drifted through life, ending up at WorldCom where I was Vice President, Slush Fund. Presently hiding in a shack in Nevada and collecting firearms.

My Hobbies

Breathing, eating, the usual. Oh, and building a thirty foot paper mache statue of Buffy in my garden. Is that a 'hobby' or a 'vocation'? And it's not like I'm some kind of 'weirdo'! She is wearing clothes! ( Well, she is now. Man, you wouldn't believe how much the neighbours complained at first! )

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